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The Floral Collaborative



Alison encourages profitability, efficiency and understands that we need a work - life balance! She will discuss profitable wedding designs on sale-able floral designs; featuring current trends, updated traditions, and foam free techniques along with a pricing and profitability discussion to help designers increase their income and close the sale!


Domestic sourcing and large installations are Kelly's specialty! She will walk us through a breath-taking, foam- free installation using locally sourced blooms. She will also discuss the mechanics and structural elements that are needed to create such an expansive piece. 

On Sunday, Kelly will lead the social media brunch. Come with questions and be inspired to have social media build your business and gain new clients!


Semia, the owner of SEMIA and The Floral Reserve will walk us through two presentations. Her design workshop on Saturday will demonstrate how she designs her signature wild and abundant bridal bouquets. She'll talk about color relationship, texture and movement, guiding you step by step as you design your own bouquet. For Semia, the bridal bouquet is the most important element of wedding design. It is the first element the bride witnesses on her wedding day and it must be spectacular. She will make sure you leave her design seminar confident in your abilities to create the most exquisite bridals imaginable.

On Sunday, Semia will discuss how Regional flower farmers are essential to our wholesale market. We will learn how to source flowers through The Floral Reserve and how they ultimately aim to connect designers with farmers. The Floral Reserve ships nationwide and works with these local farmers throughout the year to offer a wide array of locally grown product!

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Phoebe will be discussing The farming side of the farmer-florist relationship and how it encompasses collaboration, education, and the loveliness of experimentation. We will dive into the specifics of how Weatherlow Florals goes about growing for, choosing varieties for, marketing to, and coordinating with designers and wholesalers. For current and aspiring flower farmers, we'll discuss how our small business has embarked on the mission of growing hundreds of varieties of specialty cut flowers in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Hillary and Joy will be discussing overwintering and season extension for those early spring blooms! Unheated tunnels provide opportunities for flower growers to extend their season with hardy annual and perennial flower crops. For the past three seasons Johnny's Selected Seeds has been experimenting with fall and early spring plantings in unheated tunnels to achieve early spring blooms. Hillary & Joy will share the results (crop list, timing and methods) of their trials here in Zone 5a.

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Dahlias Demystified: Grace will give her insights on how she and her crew expanded from growing 50 Dahlia plants in 2013 to growing over 30,000 plants in 2020. Learn what is needed to propagate, grow, divide and store your dahlias with success. Come with questions for discussion! Also, check Fivefork Farms out on Instagram to see their BEAUTIFUL photos!.