• Floralscapes of Maine


What you will need:

Egg Shells, Soil, Seeds, Egg Carton, Scissors, Pen/ marker, tape, knife/ tooth pick + water

(Choosing a seed, see step 5)

Step 1

Egg Shells - Plan to have scrambled eggs for breakfast! Take a knife or a tooth pick and break the top of the egg open. Pour into a bowl and rinse the egg. Slice a hole in the bottom of the egg for drainage. *If you break the bottom of the egg, just tape it back on. Also, if it is too time consuming to break the tops of the eggs, just crack in half and plant in the half shells.

Step 2

Have the kids color fun things on the eggs with permanent markers. (Washable markers may come off when watering the eggs)

Step 3 (Upper right)

Make your funnel. Curl the piece of paper into a funnel shape and tape. The hole on the bottom should be about 3/4" - 1" across. Fold the bottom to fill with soil. (You can fill the egg by hand if preferred)

Step 4

Fill your eggs and water. Lightly press the soil in the egg. Pour a bit of water to make the soil damp. It might take a few times to let the water soak in. Add more soil if needed.

Step 5

Plant your seeds! I chose Sweet Purple Basil.

What seeds to use? An herb is great for these, they don't get too big, plenty to choose from, different foliage colors and useful in the kitchen! Allen, Sterling & Lothrop, Johnny's Selected Seeds & Pinetree Garden Seeds are all great MAINE companies. Each seed packet will have planting instructions. For small herb seeds, they barely need to be covered with soil. Plant 1 - 2 seeds per egg. #shoplocal

Step 6

ENJOY! Place in a sunny, warm window and give them a good mist every day or two. The soil should not dry out. Misting helps keep the seeds in place isntead of having them washed away with a stream of water.

**I like to sprinkle my soil with vermiculite. This helps with water retention and growth.

I'd love to hear feedback and see pictures of your finished eggs! Happy Planting!

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